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The latest information...

Capture d’écran 2022-03-18 à 11.53_edite


June 9  2022

The book layout is finished. The corrected doc, accepted by the sponsor, is in the hands of the printer who will send me the proof in 15 days.

We are on schedule for a printout in the summer, a broadcast from

September 1 by the sponsor and the sale on my site and at the chefs who wanted it for Christmas.

The deposit-sale promised by the printer is no longer relevant...

March 17  2022

See you at our sponsor.

A disappointment... Il confirms its desire for an exclusive book for its customers only... No distribution in bookstores and no promotion in the press.

(from me...)

I manage to snatch from him the distribution of a few books to each head of the project who will accept and an exclusive sale on my site.

To date, this is the only solution for the book to exist by being printed by the Manufacture D'histoires des Deux-Ponts, and to be distributed in a confidential but passionate environment.

. December 13  2021,

I await the agreement of the sponsor for this option.


November 12  2021

I meet Laurent Caillat, director of the Deux-Ponts Manufacture D'histoires, a key moment for the rest of the adventure. Indeed, in addition to printing the books for our sponsor, Laurent offers to print at his own expense and drop off 10 copies with each of you indeposit sale*, this would allow you to distribute them by making a margin. This prestigious and French manufacturer already prints the books of some of you and knows all your codes of excellence.

Books could be dropped off at La Librairie Gourmand, which would sell them in its bookshop and on its website.

But no massive distribution in the major retail chains.

Unless I find a publisher who accepts the project as it is...

Oct 1  2021

Our sponsor continues to trust me, but after the bad experience of Editions du regard, he offers me to make the book only as a gift to their 700 best customers. A great showcase for you, but I have to find a way to make this adventure visible to as many people as possible.

In my search for a new publisher, I came up against the desire of some to add revenue, which is not the soul of the book, and financial requirements beyond our budget.


September 9, 2021

The publisher cancels all contracts and gives me back my freedom to publish elsewhere.

I'm starting from scratch...

September 3, 2021

9 days before the release of the book published by Les Editions du Regard under the title "De la philosophie des chefs" the poor printing and a deplorable finish forced our sponsor and myself to prohibit its distribution and to order its destruction of all copies.

June 26, 2018

First photo at Emmanuel Renaut.

Capture d’écran 2022-03-18 à 11.53_edite

Book size 30/30 cm

200 pages

Four-color printing for the dishes and bichromi for the NB portraits

170g paper

Cardboard cover with embossing.

© Copyright

 46 Chemin de la Boriodaz 1820 Montreux  Such:+ 41 79 210 67 23

© Copyright