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Chef's Madeleine

articles de presse sur La madeleine des Chefs
livre sur des chefs mise à nu

In the logical continuation of La madeleine du Chef.

La madeleine des Chefs

In the first, 50 French-speaking chefs were revealed in a book with their madeleine,

the dish they would like to remember.

This time it's 90 French chefs* who played the same game...

By Pierre Gagnaire, Guy Savoy, The Bras, Roellinger, Meilleur and Marcon families. Glenn Viel,

Alexandre Mazzia, Michel Sarran, Arnaud Donckele, David Toutain, Emmanuel Renaut, Christophe Pelé,

Kei, Arnaud Lallement, Jacques Maximin, Alexandre Gauthier...

and* a few Michelin-starred chefs bordering France.

A 204-page book in 30/30 cm format

printed in two colors for the NB portraits and four colors for the covers

with its luxurious cover.

The book will only be available on my site and at certain chefs of this album.


Edition limited to a few rare copies

only for sale on my site.

90 exceptional chefs.

CHF 1 per chef.

book price


Plus postage.

Some pages of the book format 30/30 cm


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